About Us

We’re Honie and Charles, two friends who share a love of travel, exploration and experience.  We are doing our best to bring our discoveries to you through photography.

We love everything about photography – the anticipation and planning, the set-up, the location scouting, the composition, the satisfying click of the shutter, the first glimpse of the image on the back of the camera, the more detailed look on the computer back at home, the editing, the printing . . .

But for us photography has another meaning, too.  When we are lucky, we get to sell our items.  This puts a little $ in the college fund, and also gives us immense satisfaction in knowing that we have been able to share our images with others.

Our fine art photographs are usually available in many (many many) forms at our online Etsy shop, but the shop is down for renovations for the moment.

HoneySicle Studios on Etsy

We use SmugMug to post online galleries of the events, places and people we photograph:

HoneySicle Studios on SmugMug

With our blog, we will share with you our journeys, and the processes we use to create our photographs.  We love what we do, and we love sharing our explorations and discoveries with others.

Oh, and if you are wondering about the name of our blog and shop:  The ‘Honey’ part comes from Honie’s name, and the ‘Sicle’ part comes from Charles’s last name.  The alternative, using Charles’s first name and Honie’s last name, was CharHow, which is not nearly as good a combination :)

Here’s Honie!

And here’s Charles.

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