Bringing Them All Together (Part 5 in the Blackwater Series)

When we left off this very long description of the steps we took to complete the Blackwater triptych, we had just described the way we separated the long panorama into four panels.

Our next, and final, step was to go through each of the panels, looking for sensor dust and other problems.  We found a few birds that, while they looked perfectly natural at 100%, registered as smudges in the overall panorama.  We cleaned those up, then sized the panels with OnOne software’s truly phenomenal Perfect Resize (aka Genuine Fractals).  This plug-in up- and down-sizes almost any image auto-magically.  Details are preserved, colors stay true . . .

Even better, the plug-in will create borders for gallery wraps.  You specify the depth of your frame, and the method you want to use to extend the border – reflect, reflect soft, stretch, or stretch soft.  We’ll go into this in more depth soon, but for now, we’ll just say that Perfect Resize is soooo incredibly genius.

To cap things off, here are the four panels, from left to right.

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