One of Our Favorite Wildlife Encounters

A couple years ago, we took a trip to Africa to go on safari with family.  It was truly the experience of a lifetime.  Twenty hours of flying just to get to our first destination, four countries, half a dozen flights from one landing trip to another, a crazy ride on a rickety boat across a border . . .

We were each allotted a total of 29 pounds of luggage – a very low limit, but necessary, given the tight capacity of the little planes we took from one reserve to another.  The first time we packed, we used 26 of our 29 pounds for camera equipment.  It took a few rounds of repacking to find room for the lenses and the toothbrush.

Along with making a lifetime of memories, we had countless encounters with truly wild creatures.  This was no zoo.  Some of the animals were a bit hard to find, and even when we did locate them, we couldn’t get close for fear of disturbing them.

But one afternoon we encountered a leopard who seemed to enjoy posing for the camera.  He spent an hour resting on various branches, climbing up and down trees, crouching up high, then returning to the ground.  Luckily, we had a very long lens with us, and were able to get some good shots.

Here’s one of our favorites.  It’s available on our Etsy shop here.

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