Working with a (Gifted) Friend, Part 1

Over the last few weeks, we began working with our friend Jill Newman.  She has a true gift for color and form – in fact, for all things visual.  She writes and sells under the name Zazzy Peacock Studios. You can see her blog here, and her Etsy shop here.  Take a look.  Both are worth your time!

Jill has been creating acrylic paintings in her studio, and wanted to prepare them for sale on her Etsy shop.  Rather than selling only the original paintings, she wanted to create custom canvas prints of the originals, which she would then overpaint to ensure that each was a one-of-a-kind piece of art.

At first glance, this process doesn’t seem all that complicated.  Take an acrylic painting, photograph it, print it, and put it up for sale.

But the devil (and the fun, and the challenge) is in the details.

As it turned out, doing justice to Jill’s work on canvas (and, later, on paper) was quite a challenge.  We wanted to share some of the process with you.  It’s been a long journey, and so we’ll break our story up into a few entries.

Before we get into the technical details, here’s one of Jill’s paintings – believe us, this is more exciting to see than the colorimeters and printers we’re going to talk about next!

2 thoughts on “Working with a (Gifted) Friend, Part 1

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