Holy Moly!

We have decided to use this blog to share the good, the bad, the confusing and the rewarding.  In the spirit of honesty, let’s start off by saying

HOLY MOLY (and worse)

WordPress can be confusing!

The problem really isn’t with WordPress, not entirely.  We have another blog on WordPress that we use to document the life and times of the little ones in the household.  Sorting out that user account from this user account – well, that has been the challenge.

OK, time to take a deep breath and reflect for a minute on a photo that always brings us some peace – this image of a woman standing in Casablanca, contemplating the Lighthouse from the Hassan II Mosque.  We took this during a quick visit to Morocco in November 2008.  We’ll share more pics of the Hassan II Mosque soon – it was a magnificent structure, and we never tire of seeing it.


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