Integrating with Google Product Search

We like a lot of things – in fact almost everything – about our online marketing and sales partner, Etsy.

Today, we discovered a really important tip that we wouldn’t have noticed without Etsy’s useful Help content.

Google Product Search is a great place to be noticed.  If your product is part of Google Product Search, you’re much more likely to be found by those 6.8 billion people using Google.

So, you can craft an item description for Etsy that’s compelling, information, SEO friendly, the works.

BUT if your item description mentions ‘free shipping,’ the Google Product Search will overlook it, and your item won’t be searchable.  Why?  An attempt to protect Google Product Search users against spam, scam and the like.  We appreciate that, and we don’t have any quarrel with Google trying to make the internet a more transparent marketplace.

On the other hand, before we updated our shipping policies and began offering some fine discounts, we did mention free shipping in lots of our product descriptions.

We are so happy we’ve edited those out, and we look forward to being found via Google Product Search!

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